Feeling This – Private Coaching

Where could 3 months of inspired action with your own personal strategist & cheerleader take you?
You don’t need to wreck yourself to prove your worth!

Shake up your own cocktail of ambition, wellness, and pure joy to light your own world on fire again

Sustainable and achievable result for ambition junkies like you! Over the last decade I’ve navigated through 3 epic burnouts. Now I’ve figured out how to avoid it and still make one hell of an impact.

I’ve been featured in Bartender Australia magazine, was part of the St Germain Wellness squad, and have been interviewed on a number of hospitality and coaching podcasts as an expert in the area. I’ve trained in 3 different coaching modalities and worked with a leading company. Now you can experience my signature style.

Just 10 years ago I was a burnt-out workaholic with a cracking drug habit and since then I have worked with international household brands, coached dozens of clients, teenagers, rehab programs and high performers. I’ve also learned from highly successful coaches and expert practitioners to develop my multi-faceted modality.

Let’s shake (sh)it up!

I help ambition junkies and party people heal and prevent burnout so they can transform their lives and have the impact they truly desire.

I have been doing 1:1 coaching with Ceri for a while now after facing a future of burnout. Ceri is extremely relatable and I’ve been so grateful for the space she has held for me. Ceri has helped me to face my fears and work through blockages which have kept me in the always working and not feeling my feelings cycle! Ceri is an amazing coach who has challenged me to make sustainable change in my life.

— Ella, Australia

Can you relate to any of this?

Are you tired of feeling this tired all the time?

Do you fight off the Sunday scaries every week?

Do your dreams feel so out of reach that you barely have the energy to try?

What if I could help you break the burnout cycle?

What if you could separate yourself from your work so you can recharge, reach your potential and crush your goals but still have energy left over to enjoy the rest of your life?

That’s why I’m here. To help you reach whatever amazing goals you have without sacrificing your well-being.

Ceri really helped me get my priorities in order, adjust my perspective on what was really important to me, and helped me to see solutions and ways of approaching things to get me out of that rut. She is an incredibly great listener, always empathetic and supportive, but it’s her infectious positive outlook that I have found so beneficial in sessions.

— Nicole, Australia

This is for you if…

You want to take control of your health and your energy levels

You have a positive attitude and you’re ready to work AND play hard

You’ve got huge goals and dreams and want to make a big impact

You really REALLY want to see results and will do whatever it takes

You’re ready to shake things up!

 This isn’t for you if…

You’re looking for a quick-fix or a silver bullet or supplement order

You’re not ready to put the work in and get uncomfortable if needed

You’re happy just where you are

You constantly make up excuses and reasons why things won’t work

You don’t have the willingness to try new things and get resourceful

 Having Ceri in my court has been an invaluable asset. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me while I have been navigating an incredibly transformative and difficult season of my life. Working with her has been a grounding and energy-giving experience. A resource that I cannot speak more highly of! I would recommend anyone to use her for any and or every reason

— Alec, USA