My pregnancy journey: Trimester 2

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If you haven’t read the first two parts of this series, start with my Trimester 0 blog here first.

We made it through the first trimester, and at the 13 week mark we announced it to our friends and family and wider network. I’m so grateful for such a supportive community, everyone was so happy for us. I found myself out of the fatigue and subsequent brain fog and able to go on with life as usual again.

I was feeling tired but not too tired compared to the first trimester, and the nausea was gone. I noticed some reflux if I ate too much sugar or refined carbohydrate and it was clear my body needed protein, and regularly. I still didn’t have any cravings and it took until around 20 weeks to even have much of a bump. My boobs however had grown a whole cup and chest size. The Queensland heat was starting to subside much to my relief as walking to work was getting harder.

During my 13 week scan the doctor tried to tell me that I was at risk of pre-eclampsia. As a practitioner, I was dubious about this and asked how she had come to that conclusion. The reply was “a number of factors”, but none were disclosed. Whether it was my age, my weight, my blood pressure (which was a bit higher than my usual low BP due to the heat and a stressful week at work), the elevated liver enzymes from my first trimester (now resolved) or something else – I could kind of see why she was concerned but literally none of those factors were actually an issue.

This is when I started to call bullshit. There was no way I wanted to be taking an aspirin every day, worrying about my weight, or being overly concerned about anything really. My doctor was already monitoring my blood chemistry and I was completely across pregnancy nutrition and all the rest. High risk, my ass. I started to consider what I would like from a birthing experience and ultimately it all came down to what would be the most hands off way I could attempt to bring this baby into the world.

We had our 20 week scan and got to see all the fingers and toes and profile of our little one. An absolutely mind-blowing experience. Scott was an absolute gem of course. I remember looking at him and just marvelling at his beautiful energy, even if he was terrified he didn’t show it. I felt and still feel so grateful to be bringing a human into the world with him.

In May we headed up to Cairns for our wedding anniversary and babymoon. Lots of time lying by the pool and doing sweet FA was much needed. We talked about our family values and vision. We made a shortlist of names. We ate lots and swam and watched movies and generally just enjoyed our time together. I started really feeling into the life that I wanted to bring our baby bean into and the world of possibilities I want to show them. This felt so intentional and soul-nourishing. I highly recommend it.

Not long after this I found out I’d been able to get into the Birth Centre which means continuous care from midwives and the hands off experience I had been hoping for was now much more likely. I felt a sense of peace and relief that I wouldn’t need to spend so much time advocating for myself now. Doing things with complete trust of my body and the knowing that I’ve spent years getting to this point.

All in all, things were going smoothly, pregnancy-wise. Thank goodness that was the case, as I spent probably 2 weeks deep in the administration required for our home loan. Scott got made redundant. My work situation started changing due to the evolution of the business I contract for. I also managed to squeeze in a couple of brand events and launching a free challenge in the lead up to my online program.

Yoga was also getting harder to get up for. The 6am class was no longer a vibe. As much as I wanted to be the preggo who was still walking everywhere and going to yoga 3 times a week, it just had to be a vision I let go of. As I tuned into my body, I knew that it was time to get as much rest as possible. Especially given my creative energy was back in full force.

Apart from the whole pregnancy thing, there was kind of a lot going on…

What helped in trimester 2

  • Ice packs on my neck and forehead plus peppermint cooling foot soaks on hot days.
  • Planning 3 meals and 3 snacks around protein wherever possible.
  • Yeti 30oz Rambler for water – I’m sure the viral Stanley cup would suffice.
  • Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nicholls RD – this book became my bible.
  • Magnesium supplement – I got a dissolvable one to help my tummy.
  • Weekly baths (38-40C only) with magnesium flakes and my coconut, oat, essential oil soak.
  • Nanocelle Vitamin D3+K2 spray by Bioglan Medlab.
  • Research Nutrition Zinc Picolinate powder.

Check with your health practitioner before taking any supplements, especially in pregnancy.

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