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Hi, I’m Ceri! I’m a Nutritionist and Inner Work Coach... and I've seen some shit.

I teach ambition junkies how to heal and prevent burnout without sacrificing the life they love.

How I work

If you have bounced around from job to job getting burned out or losing interest, you might have a wicked case of “shiny object syndrome”. Same. Luckily, I’ve figured out how to work with it, instead of letting it work against me.

If you feel torn between trying to be healthy and wanting to have a rad time on the weekend, you’re my kinda person.

Do you have a tendency to hide you feelings with work, booze, sarcasm and self-deprecating humour? Let’s be friends.

If you’ve felt left out or different either at work or in social situations or both, I got you. We’re made to fit out, not fit in.

My coaching style is more like the time you made new friends in the bathroom at the nightclub, late night balcony wines with your bestie, and having d&ms at the party.

My superpower is holding space for connection and transformation. Our time is a space for you to be seen.

Let me be your guide, your cheerleader and your expander.

Coaching has a powerful, positive impact on your self-confidence, overall wellness, and performance in your area of choice.

What you’ll get from working with me is the powerful combination of someone who believes in you, sees what you are capable of, and will support you to achieve that and likely more.

You’ll get further working together than you would ever expect, whether your goals are health, personal, or work-related.

Accountability is one thing, but having someone to break down the steps, provide support, and help you uncover the stories and answer the questions that hold you back from your goals is another!

Access the powerful combination of someone who believes in you, sees what you are capable of, and will support you to achieve that and likely more.

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My story

From a young age, I felt a calling to help others, but I wasn’t sure how to fulfil it. My interests in spirituality and storytelling led me to journaling, which helped me cope with bullying and loneliness in childhood.

As I entered my teenage years, I struggled with disordered eating, depression, and a tumultuous family life. Despite studying Health at Uni, I found myself sidetracked by event planning and hospitality jobs, taking on management roles. After my father passed away during a difficult breakup, I turned to drugs and faced a traumatic surgery.

While working in a toxic environment, I hit rock bottom, burned out and struggled to find my way. I knew I needed to make a change and began my personal development journey in Queensland. I studied health coaching and longed to help people, but found myself back in hospitality and events to make ends meet. Even when I landed a “dream job” with a well-known brand, I still felt unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I went back to school and to finish my studies that I realised what was missing. The universe intervened and I faced a second burnout, forcing me to re-examine my priorities. This is when I started doing my inner work like it was my job. Good timing, as I then navigated a marriage and difficult separation within a few months. 

Back in hospitality, I realised that I was passionate about helping others prevent burnout and create a positive impact in their lives. There were so many parallels between the passionate people of the hospitality industry and those driven to help others. After the pandemic and another episode of burnout, I found the missing piece of the puzzle; my self-belief.

I help ambitious people separate their worth from their work, regain their energy and identity, and achieve a sustainable balance in their lives. I use a holistic approach that combines nutrition, heart-led goal setting, and deep inner work. My clients rewrite their stories and limiting beliefs, allowing them to shoot for the stars and achieve the impact they desire. I’d love to support you to do this too. You don’t need to go it alone.

Ceri Ford

Nutritionist & Inner Work Coach

Nutritionist & Health Coach – BHSc (NutrDMed), IIN HCTP

Life & Inner Work Coach – BPsych, BYCA, Awakened Lifestyles

Writer, journalling advocate, Dashboard Professional (est. 1987).